Beach Soccer

June 25-29 2019

Olympic Sports Complex
April 28 2018

Beach soccer – sport based on FIFA rules. Competitions take place on sand stadiums where ball possession technique, coordination, physical endurance and speed are crucial.

Also players often use beautiful techniques (i.e. «bicycle kick», also known as an overhead kick or scissors kick). The compact field (28 x 37 meters) allows players to score from anywhere on the sand.

During the Games medals will be awarded in each event of the competition. There will be 8 teams playing in Minsk: Belarus, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine and Romania – all teams are best of the best in Europe nowadays. The total amount of players is 96.

Interesting facts:

  • sixty attempts at goal in a single game is an average amount;
  • around eleven goals are scored in total during an average game;
  • average scoring rate of one goal every three or four minutes;
  • many famous football players take part in Beach Soccer competitions: Brazilian forwards Romario (third place on World Cup 2005) and Ziko (World Champion 1995, 1996), French football legend Eric Cantona (World Champion 2005 as head coach), Ex-goalkeeper of National team Russia Alexandr Filimonov (World Champion 2011).


Laws of the Game

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