Chizhovka Arena
April 28 2018


(Minsk, 19 Tashkentskaya Str.)

The facility will hold the the events in judo and karate during the 2nd European Games.

Chizhovka-Arena is a multi-purpose cultural, sports and entertainment complex built to hold sports competitions and other leisure events. It has two ice rinks: a larger one accommodating 8,807 spectators and a smaller one used for training that accommodates 473 spectators. There’s also a multi-purpose sports hall inside the arena. The area beside the larger ice rink has eight dressing rooms. The venue is located at a picturesque location - the Minsk 900th Anniversary park.

Chizhovka-Arena has the second largest ice rink in Belarus after Minsk-Arena. The modern complex built from metal and glass was designed by Marat Grodnikov. It resembles two drops of water flowing into one another that sparkle in the sun.

The construction of this grand venue began in 2009 when Belarus was awarded the right to host the 2014 World Ice Hockey Championships. The official opening took place on December 25, 2013.

The venue’s infrastructure includes a press-center (capacity: 100 people), a gym, 2 regular conference rooms (capacity: 50 and 70 people), 2 video conference rooms, an e-library, a restaurant overlooking the beautiful Chizhovsky reservoir and a leisure center with saunas, bowling and billiards clubs.

The Arena is a versatile venue that can be easily modified. The ice rink that is used for ice hockey, ice skating and other winter sports can be transformed into a playing field to serve team sports, combat sports, boxing, weightlifting, tennis, etc., or an area for concerts, corporate and other entertainment events.

The sports complex hosted the 2014 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships (30 games, including two quarterfinals), the 2014 25th Cup of the Eurohockey Indoor Club Championships among men's teams, the 2016 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships (Division 1, Group A), several Fed Cups (in April and November 2017 and in February 2018) as well as some international and European martial arts competitions. The International Christmas Amateur Ice Hockey Tournament for the prizes of the President of Belarus is held here annually.

The multifunctional Chizhovka-Arena sports and recreation complex also serves as the Yunost-Minsk hockey club home area. There’s a 3-star Arena hotel located next to the venue.

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