Aerobic Gymnastics

June 24-25 2019

April 28 2018

June 24-25 2019

Take one of the world's biggest fitness crazes, add gravity-defying lifts, high-intensity dance choreography and complex gymnastics elements set to upbeat music and you get just a little taste of the bigger-than-life aerobic gymnastics. 

Originating from the exercises that took the gym crowd by storm in the 1980s, aerobic gymnastics has since evolved into a competitive sport that is earning its place at the world's top multi-sport competitions. It has been a part of the International Federation of Gymnastics (FIG) since 1995 - the same year that the first world championships in the sport were held. 

Aerobic gymnastics can be performed by individuals, pairs, trios or groups. The routines are around 100 seconds long, and include seven basic steps. Points are awarded based on the difficulty of the routines, their execution and artistry.

The 2nd European Games will feature two medal competitions as part of the aerobic gymnastics programme, in mixed pairs and five-person groups. 

Interesting facts:

  • Aside from physical elements, scores in aerobic gymnastics are based on the artistry and presentation of the gymnasts. As such, official FIG rules state that aerobic gymnasts must show "genuine and pleasant natural facial expressions" throughout the performance. 
  • "Aerobic" means "with oxygen".
  • Aerobic gymnastics enjoys huge popularity in Brazil where more than half a million people practise the sport. The sport's popularity in Pais Tropical grew, in large part, thanks to Marcela Lopez, the world champion from Sao Paulo. 

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