Bright Judo Training

The second of many Bright Team events organised by the Minsk European Games Organising Committee (MEGOC) to promote next year’s European Games was held this week in the martial arts club ‘Gold’.

Following a successful ‘Bright Beach Soccer Tournament’ on 1 August, participants this time were invited to test themselves in ‘Bright Judo Training,’ led by European Champion Marina Slutskaya.

Deputy CEO Anatoly Kotov and Marketing Director Maxim Koshkalda from MEGOC took part in the training along with volunteer candidates for the European Games. In addition, blogger and TV presenter Eugene Perlin, blogger Anna Bond, singers Anna Sharkunova and Dyadya Vanya, and Miss Belarus Maria Vasilevich were also put through their paces.

Before the training, Slutskaya helped the participants prepare for their first judo training of their lives with different exercises. It gave each of them a first-hand understanding of what judokas must go through to prepare for national and international competitions.

Blogger Anna Bond said: “I have been engaged in many sports quite actively and for a long time – running, swimming. I really liked judo. I felt an excitement and competitive spirit. I was able to show my strength, skills, and dexterity. Today I received a lot of pleasant impressions, and most importantly, the training brought us together. I recommend that everyone try this sport.”

Blogger and TV host Perlin said: “This project is a brilliant idea. It allows celebrities, influencers and the public to try all the sports on the program of the European Games. I am sure that after this project, people will find their favorite sport, which they will support and will practice.”

Singer Anna Sharkunova added: “I came to the training to motivate myself because I ignored sport after giving birth. I hope that the 2nd European Games will inspire everyone and, in particular, nursing mothers and young people to engage with and play sports. I realised that I am still fast, I have a team spirit, and I can do anything.”

Summing up the results of the all-star training, Deputy CEO Kotov called the session very useful. “During the training, we were able to learn some elements,” he said. “The main thing is that everything went well, our team became healthier and even more united.”

After the intensive training, Bright Judo Training participants received well-deserved diplomas from Slutskaya and souvenirs from MEGOC.

The Bright Team project was launched on 1 August with the Bright Beach Soccer tournament, which took place at the Olympic Sports Complex. The next Bright Team event will be Bright 3x3 Basketball on 29 August at the Palova Arena.

The Bright Team concept takes its name from the European Games Minsk 2019 motto: “Bright Year, Bright You,” which is itself a play on the internet country domain for Belarus – “by.”

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