MEGOC hosted a number of outstanding events on April 6
April 06 2018

Being the organizer of the largest continental multi-sport forum, MEGOC could not apart from the international campaign Sport for Development and Peace, which is celebrated globally already for several years. The International Day of Table Tennis celebrates on April 6 as well. For MEGOC it is a special sport because table tennis is a part of the sports program of the 2nd European Games. These two reasons became the starting point, which formed the agenda for the MEGOC on April 6.

The day began with the participation MEGOC Head of Communications Alexei Bogdanovich in the most popular morning show on the TV channel Belarus 1. TV hosts of Dobrai ranitsy, Belarus! (Good morning, Belarus) Olga Ryzhikova and Teo gladly joined the campaign and took a photo with a white card.

After that, Belarusian sambo athlete Stepan Popov know as the winner and the bronze medalist of the world championship, the European champion, and the gold medalist of the 1st European Games in Baku, as well as the bright mascot of the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus Agrik and the employees of the MEGOC, visited Zhdanovichi orphanage.

At the same time, Olympic table tennis center hosted very unusual table tennis tournament, which involved not only members of the national team in this sport, but also those for whom the racket is not quite the usual sports equipment.

The day ended with the release of a vivid video, which MEGOC managed to prepare with the participation of candidates for volunteers for the 2nd European Games of 2019. Guys lined up in one big white card, which turned into a logo of the upcoming competition. But follow the link and see everything yourself!

Despite the fact that more than 400 days remain before the Games, many people already know about the upcoming competitions in Belarus. Belarusians actively follow the news of the MEGOC through the official website and social media. Knowing this, all the activities of MEGOC, held on April 6, were actively supported by posts there and user-generated content using official hashtags #minsk2019 #whitecard #April6








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