George Katulin sums up the year before the 2nd European Games
December 30 2018

On the results of 2018

2018 was a tough year of hard work. The closer the Games are, the higher the tension. Though  there is less than half a year ahead, the volume of work that should be done is much bigger than that we’ve already completed. All the work can be divided in two parts: planning  and implementing. In 2019 we’re to implement all the ideas, plans, recommendations to meet the main goal – successful European Games.

On successful cooperation with the IT-operator

Collaboration with out IT-supplier is one of the most fruitful examples of highly professional attitude of our staff and the staff of our partners towards the major multi-sport event of the upcoming year. There are several modules of Games Management System being already tested and launched: Accreditation, Accommodation, Sports Entries, etc. are ready-to-use for all the client groups. We’ve already elaborated transportation plan, and in a month the first vehicles will arrive to the MEGOC fleet.

On the Opening, Closing and Medal Ceremonies

The main contractors on the Opening and Closing Ceremonies are the Ministry of Culture and the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society. Russian “Art City Five” will act as a subcontractor.

Due to the great work made by the specialists of MEGOC Opening and Closing, Medal Ceremonies Dept. Now we have a clear understanding of the image of the medal groups, accompanying music and other components of the award ceremonies. All the procedures are already approved. I’m sure it will be very dynamic and memorable for both athletes and all the spectators.

We also pay a lot of attention to the compliance with the Protocol as a number of Heads of State and Government are expected to visit the Games. Mr. Alexander Lukashenko, the President of the Republic of Belarus and the NOC Belarus’ President, has already sent such invitations. We expect a serious response both from the CIS and the European community to participate in the Games.

On the ticket program

Start of the ticket sales is one of the most important milestones in promoting the European Games. More than 12 000 tickets for the competition sessions sold during the first month of sales. Such statistics even slightly exceeded our initial expectations. The most popular are tickets for Athletics competitions, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Cycling Road, as well as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Residents of any country are able to purchase their tickets to bright summer through the website In Belarus, tickets can also be bought at the box office of the official ticket operator Tiketpro, and in Europe through official resellers. The cost of the most affordable ticket is 5 BYN or 2 Euro (for foreign citizens). The most expensive ticket costs 50 BYN or 20 Euros. Tickets of several categories have been developed: “Standard”, VIP, for the Opening Ceremony and the Closing Ceremony. Tickets for the Opening Ceremony range from 150 to 300 BYN (62-123 Euro), depending on the category of the place. The prices for the Closing Ceremony tickets are lower, starting from 70 to 150 BYN (29-61 Euro).

We signed the agreements with more than 30 hotels in Minsk. This guarantees that the numerous tourists will be accommodated in accordance with their requests as we use hotels from two to five stars. All the will be able to find accommodation in accordance with their capabilities.

On sports facilities

I would like to emphasize the facilities readiness as one of our significant achievements. The availability of only one Competition Venue could be of concern at the beginning of our work – the Shooting Centre, but its construction has been already completed. We got a magnificent sport facility. We’re waiting for the EOC Sport Consultant to come in the nearest weeks to work out all the details of the competition at all the Venues.

Reconstruction of the Dinamo Stadium, which was held without reference to the Games, was completed successfully in June 2018. The arena has been solemnly opened and this is also an important milestone. The stadium received the highest rating of our European colleagues. Dinamo is located in the very center of the Belarusian capital, is easily accessible and combines all the characteristics of a modern sports facility along with the historical appearance of the stadium and its glorious history in the development of sports in the country as a whole.

On recognition of Belarus as a sport country

Belarus joined the European sporting countries not only by the results of performances. Visitors of the Belarusian Olympic Hall of Fame always express admiration for the number of Olympic champions in our small country. They understand the significance of these achievements and the percentage ratio of champions and prize-winners of the Olympic Games to the population of Belarus. A modern sports infrastructure has been created in the country, ready to respond to the various challenges of the sports movement. For example, successful Ice Hockey World Championship in 2014 gave us an opportunity to get the right to co-host the tournament again in 2021. We got the right to host the European Games in 2019, the Chess Olympiad in 2022. All these facts show that Belarus occupies its honorary place in the world sport calendar, and in its turn it helps to ensure the future development of some specific sports. Considering the place where to hold a high-level competition, the representatives of many sport federations think about Belarus as one of the full members of the European sports map.

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