December 19 2018

Tickets for the 2nd European Games will go on sale in ticket offices of the official operator Ticketpro from 19 December.

The start to offline sales will be given in the central ticket office of the operator on Masherova Prospekt in Minsk at 12.00. The first buyer of paper tickets will be the mascot of the 2nd European Games 2019, Lesik the Baby Fox.

"One of the main things in the preparations of the ticket program of the 2nd European Games is protection against forgery. Every ticket, both electronic and paper, will be protected by a unique barcode. Additional security elements will be used in the manufacture of paper versions: 3D-hologram, the application of special UV-ink and others,” said the head of the marketing and advertising department of the Minsk European Games Organizing Committee (MEGOC) Maksim Koshkalda.

As was reported earlier, residents of any country can purchase tickets through the website In Belarus, tickets are also available in the box offices of the Ticketpro official ticket operator, and in Europe at official resellers. In the Russian Federation, tickets went on sale on 15 December 2018 at the official ticket agent

The cheapest ticket costs Br5 or €2 (for foreign citizens). The most expensive ticket is Br50 or €20.

Tickets for the opening ceremony range from Br150 to Br300 (€62-123). The prices for the closing ceremony tickets are lower, from Br70 to Br150 (€29-61).

The total number of seats in the stands during the 2nd European Games will be 381,000 and can be increased to 535,000 depending on the demand and popularity of the sport. More than 12,000 tickets already sold.


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