December 01 2018

On the first day of winter, starting at 12 AM (GMT +03:00), the tickets for the 2nd European Games are on sale. Residents of any country will be able to purchase the tickets through the website In Belarus, tickets can also be bought at the box office of the official ticket operator Tiketpro, and in Europe through official resellers. In the Russian Federation, tickets will go on sale on 15 December 2018 through the official ticket agent

As previously reported, the cost of the most affordable ticket will be 5 BYN or 2 Euro (for foreign citizens). The most expensive ticket will cost 50 BYN or 20 Euros. Tickets of several categories have been developed: “Standard”, VIP, for the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony.

Opening and Сlosing Сeremonies are a unique show that will never happen again. The spectators who will attend the event will become its participants themselves, additional presentation elements that won’t be covered by the TV version, will be available only to those who purchase a ticket.

Tickets for the Opening Ceremony range from 150 to 300 BYN (62-123 Euro), depending on the category of the place. The prices for the Closing Ceremony tickets are lower, starting from 70 to 150 BYN (29-61 Euro).

The total number of seats in the stands during the 2nd European Games will be 375 thousand with the possibility to increase them to 535 thousand depending on the demand and popularity of the sport. The total number of sports sessions for which tickets will be sold is 111.

From June 21 to June 30, 2019, the Republic of Belarus will become a host of the 2nd European Games – international multi-sport competitions among athletes of the European continent, which are held every four years under the direction of the European Olympic Committees. Within the 2nd European Games, competitions will be held in 15 sports, 9 of which will become qualifying to the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo. Competitions in Badminton, Boxing, Canoe Sprint and Judo will be held in the European Championships status.

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