Media Accreditation for the 2nd European Games opens
November 30 2018

Applications for media accreditation are now being accepted for the 2nd European Games held in Minsk on 21-30 June 2019.

Minsk European Games Organising Committee (MEGOC) has no quota of “E” (press) accreditations. Press accreditation will be available for members of the written press, photographers, and non-rights holding broadcasters in three categories:

E Journalist, editor, photographic editor, employed or contracted by an international or national news agency, a general daily newspaper, a sports newspaper, magazine or internet site; a digital journalist; or a freelance journalist under contract.

EP – Photographer or technician meeting the same criteria as described for category "E".

ENR – Non-rights holding radio or television broadcaster.

To apply for a media accreditation for the 2nd European Games, please follow this link: and fill in the relevant fields of the system.

Once access the MINSK2019 Online Accreditation Platform, media representatives will also find important information about the accommodation, facilities and services that will be available to press during the Games, etc.

The deadline to apply is 28 February 2019, and no further application will be accepted after that date.

“Today we have opened an accreditation system not only for the media, but also for all other client groups of the Games - NOCs, European sports federations, contractors and many others,” said Anton Lyakhov, MEGOC Head of Accreditation. - On the one hand, this is the beginning of a new organizational stage, on the other hand, the final of a long and tedious work with our IT-partner, Synesis Sport, a completely new, based on advanced sports experience and modern computer technologies, electronic accreditation system. We did our best to make the accreditation system as convenient as possible for all its users.”

Accredited persons will receive a European Games Identity and Accreditation Card (EGIAC), commonly referred to as accreditation, which will:

  • Establish the identity of the holder;
  • Permit access to the 2nd European Games Minsk 2019;
  • Authorize visa-free entrance into Belarus to participate in the Minsk 2019 European Games (when used with a valid ID document that was used at MINSK2019 Online Accreditation Platform).


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