MECOG hosts seminar for ENOC communications experts and representatives of leading European media
July 11 2018

A two-day seminar for European National Olympic Committee (ENOC) communications managers and press attachés as well as representatives from leading European media started in Minsk today.

Topics discussed during the seminar are linked to the preparation and hosting of theupcoming 2nd European Games in Minsk from 21-30 June 2019. 

Attending the seminar are about 30 communications experts from NOCs across Europe, including Belarus, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Great Britain, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine. The meetings are being held in the Belarus Hotel, which will be a media hotel during next year’s Games. The world's leading media presented by journalists of Russian news agency Tass and the French France-Presse, the British BBC and Reuters, the online media dedicated to the topics of business and politics of the Olympic Movement - Around the Rings, a communication agency Mitchell Communications Agency.

Minsk European Games Operations Committee (MEGOC) Deputy Director Anatoly Kotov and European Games Executive Director Simon Clegg welcomed the guests to Minsk in introductory statements.

Day One of the seminar focused on the qualification system for and the competition schedule of Europe’s premier multi-sports event. MEGOC representatives also made a series of presentations on the different functional areas most relevant to the participants. In particular, they were informed about the information technologies that will be available during the Games, the rules of customs clearance, and transportation of goods. Other discussions included arrivals, departures, accreditation, accommodation, transport, marketing and tickets, broadcasting, and PR-projects. 

The participants will also be taken on a venue tour of facilities to be used during the 2nd European Games – the Sports Palace, Minsk Arena, Sports Palace Uruchie, and National Olympic Stadium Dinamo. 

The seminar will finish on July 12 with a final press conference. 

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