Vokrug Sveta became the travel agent for the 2nd European Games
July 05 2018

Minsk European Games Operations Committee and Limited Liability Company Vokrug Sveta signed an agreement. According to it, the company will become a travel agent of the upcoming multi-sports forum. 

Vokrug Sveta will provide services for tourists and tourists’ groups, organized group of fans and other customers in the run up and during the 2nd European games. The company will launch the website with the Games’ logo that hosts online reservation, payment systems and provides tours, tickets to sporting events, transportation, and other travel services. The site will be presented in Russian and English languages with online chat. 

MEGOC CEO George Katulin said: By signing this cooperation agreement, we solve several problems. The main one is to promote the European games and the Republic of Belarus abroad. We discussed the promotion of the forum during the visit of the Coordination Commission of the European Olympic Committees recently. It was concluded that promotion inside the country was significantly intensified. However, the awareness of our European members is still lagging behind. Thus, that kind of agreements helps to promote the Forum and the hosting of foreign guests without additional resources. 

Vokrug Sveta Director Marina Kondrashova said: We treat the agreement with MEGOC very resposibly. We will do everything possible for the fans and visitors who will arrive for the 2nd European games. We hope to increase the flow of foreign tourists to Belarus.  

According to Marina Kondrashova, the company has accumulated extensive experience in the Internet promotion of the country in general and individual international activities that previously took place here. Now it is the most efficient, fast and effective way of solving this problem, believes Marina Kondrashova. 

In particular, we are talking about the marketing and advertising campaigns for the promotion of tourist services and tickets for the upcoming multi-sports forum through a partner network of Vokrug Sveta in the member countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and others. In addition, it will be activated through the affiliate network of Lufthansa City Center, which includes 700 agencies around the world by placing information about the European games (competition schedule, travel packages, etc) on its Internet portal. Another way is to participate in international exhibitions in Frankfurt and Berlin (Germany), Tokyo (Japan), Singapore, London (UK). Vokrug Sveta will also use its own websites, social media channels, and other tools. 

The 2nd European Games are scheduled to take place at 12 sports venues in Minsk on 21-30 June 2019. Over 4,000 athletes from 50 countries will compete for 201 sets of awards in 15 sports. Competitions in ten sports will qualify athletes for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. 


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