CENTREKURORT is declared the tour operator of the 2nd European Games
June 28 2018

The Belarusian travel agency CENTREKURORT will offer its services to individual tourists, groups of tourists, organized fan groups, and other clients before and during the sport forum as a tour operator of the 2nd European Games. The choice is not accidental since CENTREKURORT boasts a successful track record of providing tourism services to guests of the ice hockey world championship, which took place in Minsk in 2014.

MEGOC CEO Georgy Katulin said: “Fans together with the official participants represent the core of the European Games. CENTREKURORT has a number of establishments for accommodating the tourists. Apart from that, it has signed a respectable number of contracts with other travel agencies, groups, and hotels. Timely sharing of reliable information is crucial to the success of our cooperation.”

CENTREKURORT Director Oleg Mikhailov said: “We are approaching the 2nd European Games Minsk 2019 with a website of a totally different level – vetliva.by. The website is part of the state program. We consider it as the main instrument for tourists who are going to come to Belarus for the sport forum. The website can be used to buy various services: hotel accommodation, sightseeing tours, sanatorium and resort treatment, and transfer services while putting together your own tourism package.”

According to Oleg Mikhailov, unlike other websites vetliva.by allows all players of the Belarusian tourism market – hotels, hostels, and travel agencies – to easily offer their services via the website. vetliva.by is available to clients from any part of the world. It is integrated with many popular payment systems and works in Russian, Belarusian and English. So far the website has scored about 600,000 unique visitors. Tourism services are actively sold on the website. Vetliva.by also offers a guidebook of Belarus. It contains descriptions of the local unique nature, cultural landmarks, places of interest, interesting facts about culture, traditions, the national cuisine, tourism events, rules of entry and stay.

The 2nd European Games are scheduled to take place at 12 sport venues in Minsk on 21-30 June 2019. Over 4,000 athletes from 50 countries will compete for 201 sets of awards in 15 sports. Competitions in ten sports will qualify athletes for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

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