Minsk hotels ready to welcome the participants of the 2nd European Games
May 31 2018

MEGOC held a seminar for the administrative staff of Minsk hotels that were considered to host the accredited client groups of the 2nd European Games. Despite athletes and teams’ officials that will stay at the Athletes Village, all the client groups of the multi-sport forum ( international sports officials, technical delegates, representatives of the EOC family, the media, host-broadcaster, the European sports federations, partners and sponsors, service and contracting companies, dignitaries, guests of NOC Belarus and others) will be accommodated. in Minsk hotels. Almost 30 hotels were pre-selected to accommodate around 4.1 thousand people. The programme of the seminar was focused on the criteria for evaluation and selection of hotels by category, location, price factors, the availability of additional services for the accommodation of accredited client groups during the Games. The representatives of Minsk hotels were also briefed on the standard requirements of the EOC agreement on the accommodation.

– Preparing to such a large-scale event MEGOC shall ensure that the selected hotels will provide all the accredited participants of the European Games with the necessary accommodation facilities which are one of the crucial condition to the host country, – summing up the seminar accommodation manager of MEGOC Vitaly Ablam.

Besides, smooth operation and usual hotels’ services, additional services such as transportation services, accreditation services, the protocol service, enhanced security, and others will be provided to the participants of the Games. Obviously, all of these services require the cooperative efforts and maximum coordinated work of all the involved parties, concluded Vitaly Ablam.

At the moment, MEGOC is working on the preparation of single standard contract with hotels, which includes all the requirements of the EOC towards the accommodation of the officially accredited participants during the preparation and hosting the Games. It is expected that the process of signing the contracts with hotels will start from June 1, 2018, and the online booking platform will be launched in October.

The participants of the seminar were interested in various issues related to reservation of the hotel rooms, prepayment for hotel services, parking spaces, and many others.

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