Alina Talai breaks Belarus record in 100m hurdles twice
June 01 2018

Belarusian athlete Alina Talai set a new national record in the 100m hurdles race, competing at the Liese Prokop Memorial in the St.Pelten (Austria).

In the semi-final race, Alina Talai finished first with the result of 12.61 seconds, which was the highest achievement of Belarus at the prestigious distance. In the decisive race, Alina was even faster time – 12.41 seconds. In addition, she managed to leave behind one of her most principled rivals – the German Cindy Roleder (12.89 seconds), who finished the second.

The previous national record at a distance of 100 m hurdles also belonged to Alina Talai (12.63 seconds). It was achieved in the finals of the World Cup in 2015 in Beijing (China) and awarded the Belarusian athlete with a bronze medal.

Alina Talai’s result in St. Pölten is the second in the world this season. Faster than the Belarusian at the distance of 100 m hurdles was the result of Jasmine Camacho-Quinn from Puerto Rico (12.40 seconds).

Athletics competitions at the 2nd European Games of 2019 will be held at Minsk Dinamo stadium in a new format called Dynamic New Athletics. The program includes competitions among men: 100 m, 110 m hurdles and high jumps; among the women: 100 m, 100 m hurdles, long jumps, javelin throwing; the mixed 4x400m relay; the hunt – a mixed distance pursuit relay (800m-600m-400m-200m) and trackathlon (a combination of running, shot put, hurdles and a standing long jump). The winner of the team tournament will be determined at the pursuit relay, that will increase the entertainment of the competitions.

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