Belarusian Society of Red Cross will provide First Aid training for volunteers of the 2nd European Games
June 01 2018

The cooperation agreement was signed between MEGOC and the Belarusian Red Cross Society (BRCS) and aim to increase the First Aid professionalism of the volunteers of the 2nd European Games. The document was signed by the CEO of MEGOC George Katulin and the Secretary General of the BRCS Olga Mychko.

First Aid public training held by BRCS in Belarus. According to the signed agreement, candidates for volunteers of the 2nd European Games will be able to take part in a number of first aid training; socially useful activities; raising First Aid awareness and awareness about health issues; dissemination of knowledge about the fundamental principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, humanitarian values.

– A lot of attention is given to the first aid services at public events across Europe, – Olga Mychko commented during the signing of the agreement. – For Belarus, the relevance of First Aid services is increasing in the context of the preparation and hosting of the 2nd European Games.

The BRCS Secretary General noted that first aid training is conducted according to the standard programs developed by the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. In 16-hour training courses, that includes theoretical and practical parts will be simulated various types of trauma, bleeding, and other critical situations. In addition to fostering first aid skills, volunteers will be trained to be ready for different situations.

George Katulin expressed gratitude to BRCS’ initiative to train volunteers for first aid, highlighting the long-term experience of the society in this area. For MEGOC it is extremely important, since volunteers, along with athletes, determine the face of the Games, he noted. It is planned that about 8 thousand volunteers will be involved in the 2nd European Games. Almost 2 thousand of them have already been interviewed. It is difficult to teach everyone the rules for first aid, therefore while selecting volunteers for training it will be taking into account personal data and work experience. Trained volunteers will be involved in work at the venues with a large number of people.

Both organizations expressed their confidence in the success of cooperation. The experience of such interaction will be in demand later at the World Hockey Championship in 2021.

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