Dinamo stadium will be open soon
May 23 2018

Few days left before the official opening of the main arena of the II European Games – Dinamo stadium after the reconstruction. Builders are making the final touches, and soon a new look of the legendary sports stadium will be finally formed.

Recently all fields were covered with a new grass that was brought by a special company from Volgograd. It took about a week to place a new lawn onto main and training field.

Experts say, it already took root on the training field. In fact, the same can be observed on the main field. Today the lawn on the main field was mowed for the first time.

It’s worth mentioning that the main and training fields of Dinamo Stadium have the same dimensions – 105×68 m. The only difference between is the number of racetracks: 9 on the first field and 4 on the second. Apart from the official opening and closing ceremonies there also will take place in an athletics tournament, so it’s worth mentioning some information about the infrastructure for these starts. Athletes will break and set new records on synthetic racetracks made by Italian company Mondo – the official equipment supplier for the Olympic Games. As a result, the stadium will be ready to host athletics competitions of the highest level.

New stadium masts are ready for tournaments. Installation of LED-panels is on the finish line. Two large screens will also soon take places designated for them by the reconstruction project. The Olympic bowl will be one of the main attractions of the stadium. The capacity of the Dinamo stadium after reconstruction will be 22 246 spectators. Special visor covers 70-80% of the sports object. More than 800 representatives of the mass media will be able to work in the media area. Also, media area contains 150 commentary booths for radio and television workers.

In one of the interviews, deputy head of production of SU № 94 JSC «Building Trust No. 1» Denis Povod said that the end of reconstruction of the stadium is scheduled for May 31, 2018.

The first official competition on the reconstructed Dinamo stadium will be held on June 22. There will be an international track-and-field match Belarus vs a combined team of athletes from Balkan countries and the Baltic countries and Ukraine.

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