Belarusian wrestling discussed in terms of preparations for the 2nd European Games
May 21 2018

The European Championship 2018 in Kaspiysk (Russia) was very successful for the Belarusian athletes. The 10 medals of different dignity won by them testify athletes’ serious claims to the awards of even higher-level tournaments such as the 2nd European Games 2019 are.

– The European Championships in 2018 demonstrated the significant potential of the Belarusian wrestlers, – the head of the Belarusian Wrestling Federation Kamandar Madzhidov noted. – However, the 2nd European Games are considered as a very serious start and a challenge, to which you must prepare accordingly. Wrestling competitions will be held in the Olympic format – among the representatives of Greco-Roman and freestyle styles, as well as in the women’s wrestling. The Belarusian team will try to compete with its main roster.

The head coach of Belarus women’s wrestling team Oleg Raichlin admitted that only the desire to train and responsible attitude of athletes and their coaches could bring a successful result. His athlete, the newly-announced 2018 European champion in the weight category up to 55 kg Irina Kurochkina, noted how important it will be for the Belarusian wrestlers to perform well at home European games. The athlete admitted that for her the support of the spectators plays an important role during the competitions, allows to relax and concentrate on solving the tournament demands.

According to the MEGOC Sport Manager Roman Markovskij, the wrestling competitions will be held in the Sports Palace and will gather 288 athletes. Its preparation is supervised by the International Wrestling Federation. MEGOC stays in touch with the manager of the venue. For example, the number of competition days (5 or 6) is discussed. The palace will be refurbished in 2018-2019. So, it is planned to purchase a new universal platform for wrestling duels. In addition, it is planned to update the facade of the Sports Palace.

At the 1st European Games Baku 2015, Belarusian athletes won 43 medals, 8 of them in wrestling. In Azerbaijan’s capital, the leading teams presented the strongest athletes. There is a great chance that the best athletes of the continent will also come to Minsk to show their skills, which will allow spectators to get a charge of positive emotions, Kamandar Madzhidov is convinced. It is expected that the competitions will be visited by well-known athletes – Mikhail Mamiashvili and Alexander Karelin.

The wrestling competitions of the 2nd European Games is not qualifying for the Summer Olympic Games of 2020 in Tokyo. Nevertheless, it is predicted that its level will be high. The teams of Germany, Poland, Finland, Sweden, the Baltic countries are able to set up battle-worthy teams for any starts. It is also important that after the European Games 2019, the World Cup – qualifying for the upcoming Olympics-2020 will take place. To perform in Minsk prior the most important world forum will be useful in terms of acquiring additional experience and testing yourselves. To popularize and develop various types of wrestling in Belarus, the 2nd European Games are also called upon to play an important role. The students of wrestling schools will be able to watch competitions live.

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