Experts of the EOC and the European Cycling Union with a working visit in Minsk
December 11 2017

The senior expert on sports of the European Olympic Committees Asimakis Asimakopoulos and the technical delegate of the European Cycling Union Vladimiros Petsas visited Minsk with a working visit. The main task is to consult in determining of the most optimal direction for cycling road competitions. The experts reviewed the proposed routes in terms of their sports component, television appeal and the opportunity to use the main sights of Minsk during the broadcast. The guests paid special attention to the organization of the road safety and the quality of the road surface, the possibility of installing barriers, blocking streets and accessing emergency services to the venue of the races. Asimakis Asimakopoulos and Vladimiros Petsas also became acquainted with the “Minsk-Arena” velodrome , where there competitions in cycling track will be held. Experts assessed the quality of the coating and other technical features of venue. 22 sets of medals will be played in cycling during the 2nd European Games 2019.

It should be reminded, from January 19 to January 21, 2018  “Minsk-Arena” velodrome for the first time will take the final stage of the World Cup prestigious track tournament. In 2009, the European Championship in cycling track was held in the Belarusian capital. In 2013, Minsk hosted the main start of the season – the World Championship. The Union Cycliste Internationale highly appreciated the organization of these events.


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