EOC President consider the 2nd European Games a truly Olympic feat
July 01 2019

The EOC President Janez Kocijancic adressed MEGOC CEO George Katulin a letter of gratitude for organising and staging the 2nd European Games as a world-class sport event:

"The Minsk 2019 European Games have been a great success and the Olympic Movement of Europe has again made sporting history!

Our most heartfelt gratitude must go to you and your team for the passion, commitment and professionalism with which you have engaged the hugely complex task of organising and staging the second edition of the European Games in such a short time – a truly Olympic feat!

We also want to commend the NOC of Belarus, the City of Minsk, and the various departments of the Government of Belarus involved for having so ably contributed to the success of such a large and complex event. And what to say of the amazing, friendly and ever smiling volunteers; with youth like this the future of Belarus is secured!

With Minsk 2019 the Olympic Movement of Europe has again shown the World that it can organise a great Continental Games; thanks also to your support we are truly building a fantastic and highly strategic asset for our Association, an asset we shall nurture and develop in future as well, for the benefit of the NOCs of Europe.

Thanks to you and your team, Europe has once again made its mark in the world of sport and the Olympic Movement above all, but we will not rest on our laurels, and will now look ahead to 2023 and the challenges and opportunities that the third edition, the Krakow 2023 European Games, entail; challenges and opportunities that will again require the commitment of all the stakeholders involved, and that will be able to benefit from the extraordinary legacy you have provided them."

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