Sport and Culture - Ambassadors for Peace
June 26 2019

As part of the Cultural programme of the 2nd European Games, a Polish and Belarusian concert organized by the Olympic Committee of Poland and the Ludwig van Beethoven Association in Warsaw was held on 25 June in the Big Hall of the Belarusian State Philharmonic. The ideological inspirer is a famous Belarusian virtuoso pianist and conductor, Star Ambassador of the 2nd European Games Rostislav Krimer.

This year the whole musical world celebrates the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Belarusian and Polish composer, songwriter, conductor and teacher Stanislav Monyushko. He wrote many popular art songs and operas. The classic of vocal lyricism went down in history as a pioneer, the ancestor of two national operas. Devoted to the anniversary, his fantastic overture for the Symphony Orchestra "Fairytale" was performed at the concert.

The audience also heard the famous concert №2 for piano and orchestra composed by Frederic Chopin. Soloist was one of the most famous pianists in Poland, winner of numerous contests – Łukasz Krupinski. Maestro Rostislav Krimer took place at the conductor's desk:

"Culture and sport are two of the three pillars of the Olympic movement. The third, as we know, is environmental protection. Since I am the Star Ambassador of the 2nd European Games, it was important for me to participate in the Cultural programme of this large-scale sports forum. The next Games will be held in Krakow. It is great that we can celebrate this event culturally in the framework of the European Games in Minsk. Sport and culture unite countries. They are ambassadors for peace".

Diplomats, representatives of the National Olympic Committees, athletes and the cultural elite of Belarus came to enjoy the magical notes. 


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