AR mobile app for European Games opening ceremony
June 13 2019

An augmented reality (AR) mobile application will be used during the opening ceremony of the 2nd European Games in Minsk. The Opening Ceremony AR Minsk 2019 application will integrate AR imagery into the show. According to Yevgeny Timashchuk, Executive Producer of the Russian company Art City 5 which is in charge of the opening and closing ceremonies, it took over half a year to develop the application.

“We will use the AR technology in two ways: in multi camera shooting to enhance the TV broadcast with AR imagery and in the mobile application to involve spectators at the stadium in the show. After downloading the application, spectators should type in their position (sector, row, and seat). This will enable the application to determine its exact position depending on the special decorations around and the seat,” Yevgeny Timashchuk said.

He noted that the application runs without Internet connection in order not to overload mobile networks in the vicinity of Dinamo Stadium. Spectators should download the application in advance and keep track of updates, but the application will not require Internet connection during the ceremony. It will need access to the microphone and the camera to synchronize with the show. The application will recognize music and show corresponding AR imagery at the right moment. The AR imagery will be synchronized in time and space with every episode of the show.

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