ISB has been appointed to sell the broadcasting rights for the 2nd European Games
March 15 2018

International Sports Broadcasting SL (ISB) has been appointed to sell the broadcasting rights for the 2nd European Games, which will be held in Minsk from 21-30 June 2019.
The decision follows a highly successful partnership between ISB and EOC at the inaugural European Games in Baku in 2015. The Baku 2015 Opening Ceremony was watched live in 120 countries and the Games were broadcast across 145 countries around the world. There was a global reach of over 820 million people, with every broadcaster showing an average of 5-6 hours of live coverage each day.

A key feature of the second edition of the Games is the exclusive new-look mixed gender athletics event, “Dynamic New Athletics”. The event has been designed in collaboration with European Athletics to appeal to a wider television audience, with the new format involving Europe’s top 30-ranked nations competing across 10 events in a maximum time of two hours.

The six track events will be: 100m women; 100m men; 100m hurdles women; 110m hurdles men; mixed 4×400 relay (teams decide gender order); and mixed distance pursuit.
The field events will involve women’s long jump and high jump and men’s javelin, while there will also be a one-man and one-woman Mini’Athlon combined event, entailing running, jumping and throwing.

By staging the European Games in the year preceding the Olympic Games, many sports in Minsk will be Olympic qualifiers helping the event attract a larger television audience across all age groups and social demographics.

The Minsk 2019 European Games will welcome over 4,000 of Europe’s best athletes to the Belarusian capital, with over 180 medals to be won across 15 sports. A total of 11 of the sports will be qualifiers for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

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