Exhibition "Our Beloved Land - Belarus" has started its work
June 11 2019

The "Our Beloved Land - Belarus" exhibition welcomed its first visitors at the National History Museum as part of MINSK 2019 cultural programme and ART-MINSK International Festival.

The exhibition features unique items from the collection of the National History Museum (folk crafts, ethnographic items, etc.), as well as works of fine and applied art by prominent Belarusian artists. The exhibits emphasise primal folk traditions continued in contemporary art.

Each exhibited piece is the embodiment of national traditions that are integral to the Belarusian culture. 

The creators are renowned artists: Leonid Shchemelev, Vladimir Tovstik, Nikolai Kuzmich, Vladimir Slobodchikov, Rygor Sitnitsa, Vladimir Vasiuk, Alla Nepochelovich, Tamara Vasiuk, Natalia Sukhoverkhova, Elena Obodova.

Pavel Sapotko, Director of the National History Museum of Belarus, commented,

"Each item on display reflects a certain historical era with its deep-rooted traditions and values that reveal the spirituality of the Belarusian people. Each work presented by artists is the result of rethinking our roots through artistic creativity".

The opening ceremony was attended by many honoured guests. One of them was Vladimir Tovstik, People's Artist of Belarus. As Tovstik noted, in each person's culture code there was a notion of motherland and each artist showed it in their own unique way. Vladimir underlined that the idea of the exhibition was to show what the Belarusian culture code looked like.

The sculptor Vladimir Slobodchikov, Honoured Artist of Belarus, said that it was great pleasure to know that his works would be placed together with the masterpieces of famous artists. He expressed hope that the national format of the exhibition will attract many visitors. 

The exhibition will be open until 5 July 2019.


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