Minsk Arena handed over to 2nd European Games organising committee
June 06 2019

The multi-purpose complex Minsk Arena was handed over to the Minsk European Games Organizing Committee (MEGOC) on 31 May for the purpose of preparing and hosting the 2nd European Games.

According to the Arena's general manager Nikolai Ananyev, the complex is always ready to host events of any kind. The 2nd European Games, which take place in Minsk from 21-30 June, will not be an exception.

“The complex includes four structures: a sport and entertainment arena able to seat 15,000 spectators, a velodrome with 2,000 seats, a skating stadium with 3,000 seats, and a multi-level parking lot," Nikolai Ananyev said. "The complex is a complicated structure from the technological point of view. It has a unique stage, which has no equivalent in Belarus, and cutting-edge equipment, which fully meets professional requirements.”

MEGOC CEO George Katulin said: “The Minsk Arena is a special venue for us because it will simultaneously host not only competitions in several sports but also one of the official fan zones.

"I have no doubt that Minsk Arena will become one of the most popular venues among fans and tourists thanks to the smooth work of all the services and the popularity of the sports the facility will host. All the algorithms have already been worked out for converting the venue to host various sport events. We've received positive evaluations of the suggested solutions from the European Union of Gymnastics after the test competitions.”

Minsk Arena will host a number of gymnastics events during the 2nd European Games (acrobatic, aeorbic, artistic, rhythmic and trampoline) between 22-30 June. The venue complex will also host the track cycling competitions from 27-30 June. Tickets will range in price from 7 BYN to 30 BYN.

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