Alina Talay: “The 2nd European Games is a unique opportunity to show Belarus to the world”
March 20 2018

The top star of the Belarusian athletics Alina Talay shared her opinion on the 2nd European Games 2019 and its importance for the development and promotion of the sport in Belarus.

-I would like to ask you a tricky question. What do you know about the 2nd European Games?

I know it will be held in Minsk in 2019. The first European Games was in Baku. In fact, it is a great event for Belarus. I would certainly like to compete at home.

– May the European games be considered as an important tool for athletics’ promotion in Belarus?

– It is a significant event both for athletics and sport as a whole. If you bring here the best athletes in Europe, it will be one of the major sporting events in recent years. I think for people who are fond of athletics and watch it on TV it will be interesting to look at the stars, who will come to Minsk.

– At the 2nd European games, athletics is a part of the 2020 Summer Olympics Qualification System.

– It is cool! In general, it is an important event in terms of prestige and a unique opportunity to show Belarus to the world. Many of my friends, who came to Minsk for the first time, liked it very much. I remember the Ice  Hockey World Championships atmosphere when many fans from different countries came here. It was the quintessential holiday. I think 2019 will be very similar to that, if not better because European games are a larger scale event. In my opinion, it is still a good opportunity to feel ourselves a heart of Europe not only in its geographical meaning but also as a major event for Europe.

– Do you expect the crowd capacity in Dinamo stadium during the athletics competitions?

In fact, it is hard to imagine. In comparison to ice hockey, football or biathlon,  athletics is not so popular in Belarus. But if it happens and the fans will come to watch the competition, it will be something incredible. Dinamo stadium is big enough, and several tens of thousands of spectators on it sounds really amazing.

– To be specific, its capacity is 22,000.

Having an experience of competing at different arenas, I would say that the presence of 22 thousand people gives you strong impulse, especially at home! Even competing in the national championship you feel the support of the audience and understanding that you are at home and you are loved. This is a very powerful charge! We do not have so many opportunities to hold such events and do not often see the best athletes from around the world. Europe has many athletes who are the world leaders in sport. Watching them on TV is good, but it is entirely different to look at them alive.

– Alina, thank you very much for your time and answers to all the questions! Good luck!

Thank you!

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