Minsktrans company is the official transportation partner of the 2nd European Games
March 22 2018

Minsk European Games Operation Committee (MEGOC) and the State Enterprise Minsktrans signed an agreement on organizing the transportation of the participants of the 2nd European Games.

More than 180 buses will be used to organize the transportation of athletes, coaches, service personnel, judges, official representatives of the IOC, international and European sports federations, the European Olympic Committees, WADA, accredited media, volunteers and other client groups.

Viktor Tozik, Deputy Director General of Minsktrans:

– Our company serviced all major events that Minsk hosted in the past. This is the Ice Hockey World Championship in 2014, the OSCE Assembly in 2017. After the World Championship, we were commended for our transport service. At the same time, we understand that the 2nd European games are the bigger event in terms of the number of participants than the World Championship, so we are preparing very responsibly.

George Katulin, CEO of MEGOC:

-It is not a coincidence that we announced Minsktrans company among one of our first partners. Transportation during the Games is a priority task. Our transportation partner will have to give a ride about fifteen thousand different client groups every day. The 2nd European Games are such a complex organism that cannot exist without a circulatory system.

Special routes will be elaborated, taking into account the logistic features of the location of sports, cultural and other facilities involved in the sports forum. Participants of the signing ceremony also shared some public transportation news.

– Together with the Ministry of Transport, Minsktrans company and our specialists, we have already developed a transport support plan that provides rolling stock, main routes for servicing the main client groups. Based on it, we began to develop an operational plan, which involves the delivery of participants on specific routes. It is based on such requirements as to security, clarity, compliance with the delivery schedule. After all, we work according to strict criteria issued by the EOC. Transport service has big importance during the periods of arrival and departure of participants. In general, talking about the importance of transport services, we need to note the legacy. It includes an update of the vehicle fleet, routes, repair of streets, equipping stops with electronic scoreboards. I believe that after the Games our transport system will operate on a completely new European level. EOC’s preliminary assessments of the existing city infrastructure are already quite high. They are all very surprised that in a two-million city they practically did not see any traffic jams, – said George Katulin.

Transportation during the Games will be carried out by buses produced by home manufactures. It will be MAZ 203, MAZ 251 and others. The program of purchase of a rolling stock of city and tourist classes is already developed. In the second half of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019, 300 new buses must be delivered. After the end of the Games, it will be used by Minsk citizens. We understand that during this period, the public transport load will increase because every day it will be necessary to transport about 15 thousand participants of the competition. At the request of the European Commissioners, a trip to sports facilities should not take more than 30 minutes. There are several solutions to this problem: extra road space, adjusted traffic lights, restriction of entry or escort by road police. This matter is being worked on now. We know and understand what we need to do. We are prepared and we hope that everything will go according to the highest level. Buses involved in the transportation of participants must be equipped with air conditioning and information system, as well as with monitors, which will show information about the city, routes, and others. All buses should be low-floor, convenient for transportation of sports equipment and have the capacity of at least 25 seats, – said Mr. Tozik.

Minsk will host the 2nd European Games from June 21 to 30, 2019. The competition program includes 15 sports. 10 sports will be a part of the qualification system for the XXXI Olympic Games 2020. More than 4000 athletes from 50 countries are expected to participate in the largest sports competition in Europe. More than 200 medal events will be played at 12 sports facilities in Minsk region.


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