National Art Museum Joins MINSK 2019 Cultural Programme
May 14 2019

On 18 May, the Night of Museums, a large-scale exhibition ''Гульні. Игры. Games" will open at the National Art Museum. The exhibition will be one of the highlights of MINSK 2019 Cultural Programme. The opening ceremony will take place at 20.00 within the program of the action "Night of museums - 2019. Sixth sense".

Sport has always been present in art. Since ancient times the painters from all over the world have been fascinated by the flawless and perfect bodies as well as the philosophy of tradition and fair play. This subject was revived at the break of the 20th century and still remains essential to modern art. The exhibition captures the storm of emotions lived throughout sporting events: challenging and dramatic moments of competitions and fair victories, emotional outburst and excitement of the cheering crowd at the stadiums, captivating moments of matches and training events, thrill of children and young people playing, team spirit of mass competitions, swiftness and energy of sports expressed in symbolic compositions.

The exhibition will combine works from the collections of the National Art Museum, XO Gallery and private collections. It will be on display on the ground floor of the main building of the museum. The exhibition will encompass various works of art featuring several generations of Belarusian artists, including the senior ones, such as Fedor Baranovsky, Leonid Dudarenko, Igor Vlasov, Boris Kazakov, Aleksandr Volkov et al, as well as the contemporary artists, namely Tatiana Radivilko, Victor Alshevsky, Tatiana Kondratenko and Kirill Hlopov. 

Exhibition curators:

Ekaterina Izofatova, PhD (history of art), head of Department of Belarusian Contemporary Art;

Dmitry Solodkiy, Senior researcher, Department of Belarusian Contemporary Art.

The exhibition will run from 19 May to 3 July 2019 and will be supported by an educational programme. The curators will lead guided tours on Thursdays at 17:00. 


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