April 20 2019

The staff of the Minsk European Games Organising Committee (MEGOC) and the mascot of the upcoming multi-sports event, the little fox Lesik, participated in the country-wide Subbotnik, a volunteer clean up day whose tradition dates back to 1919.

At the moment, one of the most important tasks in preparation for the 2nd European Games is the commissioning of the Athletes Village, which will be used to house and feed 2,000 people. The Organising Committee staff not only cleaned up inside the Village, but also on the premises of the campus.

George Katulin, CEO of MEGOC:

“The closer we get to the Games, the more intensive the working schedule becomes and the more tasks we have to complete. Today, together with the whole country, we took part in a Subbotnik at the venues of the upcoming Games. The collective of the Organising Committee split up into several groups. The venue teams are tidying up the sports venues. A large group is working at the cafeteria of the Athletes Village, as well as putting together furniture in the residences where the athletes will live. Another big group is preparing a service centre for the representatives of the National Olympic Committees.”

“I often mention the tradition of holding Subbotniks to the numerous delegations who come here from abroad, whenever they mention how well our city looks. This is exactly how the residents of the capital take care of our common home - Minsk.”

Yulia Kravchenko, Head of MEGOC’s Catering Department:

“The entire food distribution line in the catering pavilion is already installed, and is about to be commissioned. We’re placing furniture in the dining hall. Workers of the Organising Committee decided to make their contribution to making this venue better specifically at the moment when it is most crucial to clean up and unwrap kitchen equipment.”

After the 2nd European Games, these facilities will be transformed into halls used for choreography, gyms and team sports. 

Members of the 2nd European Games Organising Committee took part in a variety of clean up missions on Saturday. In addition to cleaning up the cafeteria, residences and medical facilities in the Athletes Village, the Committee staff worked on the sports venues of the Games, including the central stadium for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Dinamo. 

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