April 09 2019

The subsidiary company of Instacup, a world-famous brand of tea and coffee products, has become an official supplier of tea and coffee at the 2nd European Games. The company’s director Turan Iskandarov and the Minsk European Games Organizing Committee (MEGOC) CEO George Katulin signed the cooperation agreement on April 9 in Minsk.

According to the agreement, Instacup will offer its products as part of the catering for the participants and volunteers of the 2nd European Games on a sponsorship basis. The company manufactures cups with in-built tea and coffee granules (with or without additives), which can be quickly transformed into popular drinks by simply adding hot water. 

The cups will also be sold to spectators at the venues and in fan zones. 

The agreement with Instacup is a milestone moment for the Minsk European Games Organizing Committee (MEGOC) since it is an example of successfully attracting large international brands to the multi-sports competition.

George Katulin, CEO of Minsk European Games Organizing Committee:

- It’s always nice when there are companies that are ready to support and sponsor the 2nd European Games. This indicates at the significance of the event for Belarus and for the international community. Now we got a big international sponsor among suppliers, which is very important for a number of reasons. We managed to prove that the marketing service of the Organizing Committee can work quite successfully in the absence of restrictions from the European Olympic Committees (EOC) in regards to concluding agreements with manufacturers of certain goods and services. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we have signed a big contract.

It is also important that our efforts to promote the Games resonate with world-famous companies, which attracts manufacturers of high-quality goods and services, their consumers, and consequently, sports fans, to the country. It is very important for us that the Instacup Trade company will offer its services in such a significant sector of the Games as catering for a large number of client groups. The company will not only offer tea and coffee products, but also equipment for preparing such beverages.

Turan Iskandarov, director of Instacup Trade LLC:

- We use new technology in the manufacture of our products, which is notable for the convenience it brings to our consumers. The guests who come to the 2nd European Games will be able to appreciate this in person. We already sell our products in 14 countries of the world - in establishments for health care, education, airlines, and during major sporting events. Being represented at the Games in Minsk opens up great opportunities for us, so that we can continue to support sporting events in Belarus and other countries.

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