The conclusions of the first NOCs Open Day are drawn
March 30 2018

The second day of the NOCs’ representatives started with a series of presentations that gave the delegates a detailed information about what have been already done within each functional area and what are the nearest goals to be met.

Makis Asimakopulos, EOC Sport Consultant:

-We can see a major progress. The organizing committee is getting more and more stuff and work is progressing fast. There is still a lot of work to be done, the time is flying away desperately, only 14 months are left before the actual start of the Games and we feel like the pace is good. Belarus has a great chance to present itself to the rest of the world as a modern country, to create a good image to the world, even better than existing right now. And EOC is here to assist towards this direction. The National Olympic Committees that came to Minsk this time were deeply impressed by the city itself and its infrastructure, the existing sports facilities, the people from the organizing committee they met here. Now we just need to combine all these together – the venues, all the stuff, all the efforts of MEGOC and national federations, companies working in transportation, accreditation, accommodation, etc. – to get to the Games. Such a big multisport event has a special need on how to do stuff. And this is a real challenge how to put it together. We know the correct way to go, so we just need not miss any single day in the preparation process. The Athletes’ Village has a very good setup. We’ll have very elite athletes, so they’ll need very special conditions, but I have no doubt that the Village we’ll have in 2019 will be excellent.

George Katulin, CEO Minsk 2019:

-The first NOCs Open Day is a very significant event in the preparation process. It is highly important to get the feedback from the representatives of the participating NOCs, because these people know the exact needs of the athletes and all the standards and requirements that shall be satisfied at such a big event. They pay attention to every single detail – transportation of the athletes, their living conditions, refreshment facilities and food safety. The delegates highly appreciated all our efforts and the work that has been already done, though there is still a lot to do within the upcoming 14 months.

Florin MIȘCĂ, Chef de Mission of Romania national team during the 2nd European Games:

-I will be back home with lots of very detailed information received from the organizing committee. I am impressed how much information they managed and present to us. Now we have information for our athletes, federations, technicians to be prepared for the next year to participate in the 2nd European Games. The venues’ tour was very well organized. I have appreciated the venues. I don’t want to say which one I like the most because I don’t want to put other in the back front. I think all venues are of a very high level and good quality. You really deserve to be the organizers of the 2nd European Games. I think those 2nd Games will be a strong point for the future of the competition. Together with the EOC and suggestions from NOC representatives who are here now and those who will participate in July session we’ll make the sustainable format of the competition. And I want to thank Belarus team for the professionalism, friendly approach and great hospitality.

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