updated: 12 June 2019

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Our website uses the following our cookies:

_eg_client_locale (storage time is 30 days) – used to personalize User language choice;

rhash (storage time is 30 minutes with periodic update every 30 minutes) - used to confirm the authorization of the User;

PS_PR (storage time is one browser session) - used to actualize advertisement.

Our website uses the following third-party cookies:

Google reCAPTCHA

NID (storage time is 5 months) - used to identify the User.

Google Analytics

_gat (storage time is one minute) – used to restrict the frequency of user requests to the Google Analytics;

_ga (storage time is two years) – used to keep records of unique users with respect to different devices used to connect to the resource; it stores data on the number and duration of previous visits;

_gid (storage time is one day) – used to identify guests and how they use the website; it stores data on the start and end of your session;

NID (storage time is six months) – stores data on the past search queries, user clicks per ad and user interaction with the advertiser's website for the search engine. It is also used to customise the proposed ads based on resources visited.

Functional features of Google Analytics cookies can be found here:


act (storage time is one browser session) contains the timestamp of user actions on the website associated with Facebook;

c_user (storage time is up to 30 days) contains the user ID for Facebook services;

datr (storage time is two years) contains information about the browser used to connect to Facebook services;

fr (storage time is three months);

pl (storage time is three months);

presence (storage time is one browser session);

sb (storage time is two years);

spin (storage time is one day);

wd (storage time is one week);

xs (storage time is three months).

Functional features of Facebook cookies can be found here:


PREF (storage time is two years);

VISITOR_INF_01_LIVE (storage time is six months);

YSC (storage time is one browser session);

gh_collab_pl_join (storage time is three months);

SSID (storage time is six days);

SID (storage time is two years);

SAPISID (storage time is two years);

APISID (storage time is two years);

HSID (storage time is two years);

LOGIN_INFO (storage time is two years).

Functional features of Youtube cookies can be found here:


csrftoken (storage time is one year);

mid (storage time is 20 years);

_js_datr (storage time is two years);

ds_user_id (storage time is three months);

mcd (storage time is one browser session);

urlgen (storage time is one browser session);

shbts (storage time is one week);

shbid (storage time is one week).

Functional features of Instragram cookies can be found here:


AUTH_SESSION_ID (storage time is one browser session) – used to authenticate ser sessions;

KC_RESTART (storage time is one browser session) – used for user session authentication if a session is restarted.