Nesvizh Castle Museum

The Nesvizh Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Belarus. The castle was built by Mikolaj Krzysztof Radziwill Sierotka (nicknamed the Orphan) in the 16th century and was the best  fortification of those times on these lands. After the Northern War it was reconstructed and turned into a castle instead of a fortress to reflect the new status of the Radziwills as prominent political and social force. The castle was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2005.

You can wander around the luxurious Royal, Golden, Marble, Arms and Hunting halls. While visiting showrooms and interior exhibitions you will get to see Prince Radziwill's study, the Great Fireplace Hall, the Small Dining Hall, the Great Ballroom and the Princess' salon and bedroom. During the tour you will see the ancient theatrical machine that produced acoustic effects on the stage in action.  The park ensemble surrounding the castle is truly an adornment of the complex. You can take a stroll in the Castle Park, the Old Park, the Japanese Park, the New Park and the English Park which are scattered among the picturesque ponds.     

After a walk in the parks, you can savour a meal at the castle restaurant. One day may not be enough to explore the whole beauty of the castle so you can opt for staying in the castle hotel.

The Castle and the surrounding parks are marvellous all year round!

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