Mir Castle

Mir Castle and the park grounds are a true gem of Belarusian architecture. Visitors come to the tiny village of Mir to see a medieval castle, a picturesque park in the English style, an Italian garden, a pond and a church with the tombs of the castle owners.

At different times the castle belonged to rich families of nobility – the Iliniches, the Radziwills, the Wittgensteins, the Svyatopolk-Mirskys. The most characteristic Belarusian medieval castle is a harmonious combination of three styles — Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. It was included into the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000.

Several times Mir Castle had been destroyed, laid to waste and then revived. Intensive restoration works brought the castle its original grandeur back. Exciting museum items are exhibited in the north part of the castle. Exquisite items of ancient furniture, coins of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Rzecz Pospolita, first printed books, unique artefacts, interior decorations, sophisticated mantelpiece and stove tiles are just a few things that you can see with your own eyes. After a tour around the north wing, you can climb up the spiral stairs of the south-west tower, walk along the guard rail of the balcony or go down to the wine cellars and even deeper to the dark cells of prison.

This is your chance to plunge into the medieval era and take memorable pictures!


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