Gomel Palace & Park Ensemble

Gomel Palace & Park Ensemble is an old large noble estate decorated by the park and located on the picturesque bank of the Sozh River in the south of Belarus in Gomel City. This is one of the historical-cultural values of the Republic of Belarus, and it is included into the State List of the Historical Cultural Values protected by the State. There is a house-estate of the Khaletskis (an architectural monument of the mid-19th century) in 15 kms from Gomel (in Khalch Village of Vetkovski District of Gomel Region); it is one of the sites of the Gomel Palace & Park Ensemble, too. The Gomel Palace & Park Ensemble has been a state museum for 90 years; it has numerous collections, which are interesting both to amateurs and professionals. The museum halls regularly host art and history exhibitions, and exhibitions devoted to nature and various human activities. It is a place to organize events: concerts, conferences, official meetings of the country leaders.

The Palace & Park Ensemble includes:

  • the Palace of the Rumyantsevs and the Paskeviches (an architectural monument in the Russian classicism style built in the late 18th - mid-19th century);
  • the Chapel (an architectural monument in the New Russian Style built in the late 19th century),
  • the Burial Vault (an underground coffin chamber for the Paskevich Princes),
  • the Winter Garden, the Observation Tower and the Administrative Building (architectural monuments erected in the 19th century),
  • the Park (a monument of nature and of garden art planted in the mid-19th century).
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