Słaŭharad is a small, but cosy town. Here you can explore the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin built under the patronage of Aleksandr Golitsyn, mayor of St. Petersburg who was close to Catherine II. The church was adorned with an iconostasis and frescoes depicting 57 stories of the New and Old Testaments. It is considered one of the perfect examples of classicism architecture in Belarus. The design was prepared by Nikolay Lvov who is the man behind the Neva Gate of the Peter and Petr Fortress and St. Petersburg's main post office.

Not far from the town you will find the Liasnaja memorial dedicated to one of the key battles of the Great Northern War. It was built to honour the victory of the Russian troops commanded by Peter I. The memorial includes a monument to victory, a marble obelisk on the mass grave and a chapel. The chapel walls are faced with golden tiles. It has mosaic icons on the main facade and in the interior niches.

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