In Shkloŭ, you will see an impressive 18th-century town hall surrounded with merchant shops. The facade of the merchant row buildings is adorned with painted-on shutters. The place is said to be haunted: one of the former owners of the town was rumoured to bury his riches in the underground passages. He left his faithful servant Yakub to guard the treasure, but never came back. As the tale goes, now the ghost of Yakub appears on the upper tier of the town hall gazing into the distance.

The architectural gem of the town is the Church of St. Peter and Paul with its Classical and Gothic interiors. The church service was discontinued in the 1930s, and the relics were taken home by local residents. The building was restored to its former splendour and re-consecrated only in the second half of the 20th century. Another notable sight is the Orthodox Church of the Transfiguration that was built in the early 1900s and held religious services even in Soviet times.

The modern Shkloŭ is known as the largest producer of cucumbers in Belarus. A photo with the monument to cucumber is a must if you are visiting this wonderful town.

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