Kosava attracts tourists from all over to world with its Tadeusz Kosciuszko house museum (Mieračoŭščyna). It was here that the great politician and military leader of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, leader of the 1794 uprising spent his early years. Tadeusz Kosciuszko is a national hero of Belarus, Poland and the USA and an honorary citizen of France. Details of his difficult life path will be revealed to you on a tour of the museum.

Tourists love to visit the Puslovsky Palace, or Kosava Castle, which is very close to Kosciuszko's estate. The construction of the majestic palace in the Gothic Revival style began in the 19th century on the initiative of Vandalin Puslovsky who was a major manufacturer and art aficionado. The local palace once boasted its luxurious halls. Legend has it that the best thing about the main hall was a glass floor with a real aquarium – an unprecedented luxury!

After years of oblivion, this magnificent palace with 12 towers symbolising the months of the year welcomes guests once again!

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