Orša is a well-known town for many reasons, be it for the Belarusian writer Vladimir Korotkevich, for Katyusha multiple rocket launchers, or for Belarusian linen.

One of the most interesting sights in Orša is the Jesuit college. The founder of the U.S. Catholic education system Francis Dzierozynski and Count Piotr Zavadovsky, a favourite of Catherine II, are among the most notable alumni. The local watermill was once the largest enterprise in the region. It now hosts an ethnographical museum. The most ancient item in the collection is a mealing stone that dates back to the 3rd century B.C. The Holy Epiphany monastery is a fine example of early 17th century architecture. St. Elijah Church is the place where Napoléon Bonaparte prayed, and Peter the Great held a mass in honour of the victory over Sweden in the Great Northern War.

And the local linen products would make a perfect souvenir!

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