Pastavy and Pastavy district

Pastavy (also spelled as Postavy) is a small cozy town with well-preserved historical buildings. The Tyzenhaus Palace is an unmissable sight here. Count Konstantin opened here an ornithological museum and an art gallery. His collection included original paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Rubens. The market square is the first 18th century Baroque ensemble in Belarus. You will find several unique religious buildings in this town. The best known one is  St. Antonio of Padova Church, while St. Nicholas Church preserves the icon of Christ the Saviour that was a gift from the Russian Emperor Alexander III.

St. Tadeusz Church has a fascinating story of its construction, and the interiors are decorated with optical effects (Luchai).

Should you have a chance, listen to the authentic organ in  St. John the Baptist Church (Kamai), the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Belarus.

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