In Smarhon (also known as Smorgon) you will learn the history of the famous Bear academy, which was known throughout the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and far beyond. It is no accident that the town's coat of arms bears a bear. Check out the sculpture composition commemorating the unique institution at the town park. Archangel Michael Church, situated right in the town centre, is a former Kalvinist church that still preserves some features of its original 17th century style.

It is worth visiting the village of Soly to see the Church of Virgin Mary of the Rosary with fascinating frescoes.

In agrotown Zalesie you can see the Oginski estate with a picturesque park. Its most famous owner was the talented composer Michał Kleofas Oginski, the author of the polonaise Farewell to My Homeland.

But the region may also be of interest for those who are into 20th century history. A World War I frontlline was not far from Smarhon.


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