Mir Castle and town
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Mir Castle (Mir) is one of the most important landmarks not only in the region, but in the whole Belarus. The architectural complex that includes the castle, ramparts, pond, chapel with the tombs of the Svyatopolk-Mirsky family (last owners of the castle) and the surrounding parks is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Learn more in the section "UNESCO World Heritage sites in Belarus".

The main square of the town of Mir is also wonderfully preserved. It had a clear planning that included the town hall, markets, the houses of local artisans and merchants, as well as religious buildings of different confessions: Trinity Church and St. Nicholas Cathedral, as well as the former synagogues, yeshivas and qahal. This small area is a perfect illustration to how different confessions and beliefs have peacefully coexisted in this land in the past as they do now.

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