Logoisk & Logoisk District

If you are into outdoor activities, Logoisk District will not disappoint. 'Logoisk' and 'Silichi' ski centres are top picks for all fans of extreme sports. These centres are up-to-date and highly suitable for all-year-round entertainment. Holidaymakers come here to go skiing, snowboarding or ride the funicular to take in the view. Wakeboarding and rope town are in demand in summer.

In the town of Logoisk you will find the Church of St. Nicholas. It has unique frescos based on the Book of Revelation by John the Evangelist which are the only ones in the Orthodox Eparchy of Minsk.

Add Khatyn to your itinerary. Khatyn is the memorial erected as the symbol of all Belarusian villages that were burnt down during the Great Patriotic War. The memorial was opened in commemoration of the 149 local residents who were massacred by the punishment battalion on 22 March 1943. The memorial recreates the past layout of the village in slightest detail, but also has unique elements, such as the Cemetery of Villages, the Wall of Sorrow, the Trees of Life and the Eternal Fire.


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