The town of Ivenets is located on the picturesque banks of the River Volma and is well known for its traditional ceramics, rich history and interesting architecture. Ivenets has always been famous for its fairs. Grain, flax, cattle, wood, iron and clay trade used to flourish there. The local clay pits have long been known for the high quality of clay. Crafts such as pottery, cooperage, weaving, wood carving were developing alongside the growing trade relations.

To learn more about the history of the local crafts, visit the Museum of Traditional Culture.

One of the most impressive sights in the town is the former Franciscan monastery with the magnificent Church of Archangel Michael built in the 18th century in the late Baroque style. The monastery ensemble looks spectacular at the bank of the river, with the facade and delicate towers of the church being reflected in the water. The St. Alexis Church is yet another gem. Its Gothic Revival architecture gives away that it is relatively young – indeed, the construction was completed in 1907.

Anyone who has a sweet tooth will appreciate the sweets festival in Ivenets and the exhibition tour of the well-known Ivkon confectionery factory.

Ivenets is a wonderful town. Here, the Soviet-style department store rubs shoulders with the picturesque wooden houses, the time-worn Baroque Franciscan monastery sits alongside the modern snow-white neo-Gothic church... The harmony of different styles and colours is charming!

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