Minsk Region is the land of lush nature and charming town architecture.

Here grows one of the largest forests in Belarus and originates the mighty River Neman. Minsk Region is known for its picturesque landscapes and even has a meteorite impact crater.

It is the birthplace of many famous people such as the wordsmiths Yakub Kolas and Yanka Kupala. The outstanding playwright Vincent Dunin-Marcinkievich once lived and worked here. The modern associations are with the renowned FC BATE Borisov based at BORISOV Arena.

This land often changed hands among the families of nobility in the past. At different times the city saw such prominent historical figures as Kaiser Wilhelm II and Marshal Jozef Pilsudski. It was here that the first professional military school of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was set up. In the 16th century, the first printing house was opened, and in the 18th century clockmaker Jacobson from Nesvizh designed his first mechanical calculating machine.

Our guide will introduce you to Minsk Region in all its unsurpassed splendour.

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