Horse Drawn Transport Display

This permanent display is dedicated to the history and development of horse drawn transport in late 18th–19th century. The visitors plunge into the atmosphere of miraculous sounds of the 19th-century Minsk streets, see the vehicles of that historic period - mostly horse drawn transport, horse carts and sledges. The labour-intensive process of high-quality cart production is demonstrated in a separate exhibition area. The visitors will have access to an interactive media area. 

Contact Information

Bus stop: Stancyja Miatro Niamiha / Nemiga Metro Station (210m)
Bus routes: 24, 38, 57, 73, 163, 188с
Trolleybus routes: 12, 29, 37, 40, 46, 53
Nearest metro station: Niamiha / Nemiga (280m)
Address: 8B Kiryla i Miafodzija vulica / Kirilla i Mefodiya Street

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