Museum of the History of Theatrical and Musical Culture

A tour of the Museum always begins with a story of the building. Rumour has it that this was the local freemason house where the members of the order conducted their mysterious rituals. There is, however, no documented proof to this fact. Yet the urban legend gives a special vibe to this place and adds to the interest of tourists.  The museum is home to a collection of the first musical instruments of Belarus: rattles and whistles, as well as note sheets, theatre and concert posters, and other personal items that once belonged to classic Belarusian artists.

Contact Information

Bus stop: Stancyja Miatro Niamiha / Nemiga Metro Station (320m)
Bus routes: 24, 38, 57, 73, 163, 188с
Trolleybus routes: 12, 29, 37, 40, 46, 53
Nearest metro station: Niamiha / Nemiga (350m)
Address: 5 Muzyčny zavulak / Muzykalny Lane

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