Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle

A traditional Belarusian village has been transformed into a unique open-air museum. It is divided into three themed sectors: the Central Belarus, Dniepr Region, or Padniaproŭje, and Lake Region, or Paazierje. The museum offers the traditional wooden architecture of the Belarusian lands in the 18th – early 20th centuries. There are churches, chapels, barns, smithies, a mill and peasant houses. There is a multitude of events happening here all year round: Maslenitsa, spring calling festival, Kupala night, Kalyady winter holiday, Kamianica folk fest and Nash Dzien rock festival. After getting a taste of the Belarusian culture, you can sample the best of the traditional cuisine at the karchma (Belarusian for inn).

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Address: Aziarco
GPS: 53.832954, 27.374128

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