Lošyca Estate and Museum

Your cultural experience will not be complete without a visit to Lošyca Estate and Museum. You will find the exhibition in the old estate restored to its old splendour. The house has a big and a small living room, a ballroom, a study, a pantry and a dining room. The museum frequently presents new themed exhibitions and arranges various concerts, workshops, conferences, creative events and plein air events. The estate boasts the most romantic place in the city which is a picturesque garden with an apple orchard, winding alleys and bijou gazebos.

Contact Information

Bus stop: Kamvoĺny Kambinat / Kamvolny Kombinat (110m)
Bus routes: 2с, 3с, 52, 65, 85с, 102, 123, 124, 175э, 183с, 191
Trolleybus routes: 5, 6, 15, 24
Address: 10 Čyžeŭskich praspiekt / Chizhevskikh Avenue

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