Wankowicz House

Do you feel like solving puzzles and riddles in a real-life noble estate looking for clues hidden in lavish interiors? Visit the Wankowicz House to explore the unknown side of Minsk! The museum exhibits works of applied art, unique archival documents, photos and colour copies of portraits by Walenty Wankowicz as well as the original paintings by Jan Rustem, Tadeusz Gorecki, Ksawery Kaniewski and other talented artists.

Contact Information

Bus stop: Plošča Svabody / Ploshchad Svobody (340m)
Bus routes: 1, 69, 119с
Nearest metro station: Niamiha / Nemiga (380m)
Address: 33A Internacyjanaĺnaja vulica / Internatsionalnaya Street

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