Government House


The Government House is one of the most remarkable monuments of constructivist architecture. The building was designed by Josef Langbard, an architect from Leningrad (modern St. Petersburg). Its construction took place in 1929-1934. Josef Langbard believed that public buildings should create the heritage of an era, perpetuate it and shape the face of the city and its silhouette.

The Government House emerged as the largest public building in Minsk to dominate the new city centre.

The main features of constructivism are easy to make out in the rigorousness, geometric abstraction, conciseness of forms and monolithic appearance of the building. The symmetrical side wings form the front yard in the centre of which is the monument to Lenin.

The building still dominates the Square and the surrounding housing development. The Government House is home to the Council of Ministers, the House of Representatives of the National Assembly and the Presidential Library of the Republic of Belarus.

Contact Information

Nearest metro station: Lenin Square
Bus routes: 1, 69, 100, 119с
Address: 11 Sovetskaya St.
GPS: 53.896169, 27.545096

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